Back to School and being Smart with your Teeth

Back to School and being Smart with your Teeth

Back to school

 Useful Back To School Tips For Your Kid’s Dental Health

So, it’s ‘Back To School’ time of the year yet again and while you are engrossed walking the aisles of shopping stores stocked with the latest school supplies, you must not omit your kid’s dental health off the check-list.

Visiting a dental clinic regularly is highly recommended to ensure your child’s oral well being. Your dentist will look out for any dental issues your kid’s may have, to help him or her prevent missing school due to bad oral health; however, there is a lot you can do on your part to keep their teeth in fine fettle.

Here are few effective tips to make your little one back-to-school ready:

  1. Replace That Worn Out Toothbrush– Yes, it’s time to bid adieu to that old bacteria ridden toothbrush with sprayed bristles that cannot contribute to your kid’s dental health anymore. A soft bristled and fluoride based toothbrush is a good pick to protect your child’s teeth and gums for a long time.
  2. Routine Dental Cleaning– As mentioned earlier, routine dental cleaning must be your priority. Make it a point to visit your dentist every six months, especially if your child has a history of dental diseases. Back to school is a good time to get an appointment scheduled.
  3. Dental Care At School- It’s easier to monitor your kid’s dental habits when he is at home; however, it’s a hard row to hoe when he is at school. Hence, it’s highly important to encourage your kid’s to rinse his/her mouth after the meal at school. Carrying his or her own water bottle to school is another way of maintaining good dental hygiene.
  4. Pack Healthy Snacks For School– Make sure to pack healthy snacks for school. Avoid sticky food such as cereal bars, raisins, molasses or carbohydrate rich food. Fruits and vegetables containing a high volume of water such as melons, pineapple, cucumbers just to name a few, is a good idea. Encourage your kid’s to avoid fizzy drinks. You can also include calcium rich food such as cheese, spinach and yoghurt to help them strengthen their teeth.
  5. Buy A Sports Mouth-guard– Kids love playing and playing really hard and hence they are more susceptible to injuries; however that should not make you curb their competitive streak. Buying a custom fit mouth-guard is a good idea as it not only protects your child from lousy dental accidents, but is also easy to wear.

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