4 Reasons You Must Wear A Mouthguard When Playing Sports

4 Reasons You Must Wear A Mouthguard When Playing Sports

Under Armour Mouth Guards

A properly fitted mouth-guard is a key equipment to safeguard you from severe face, oral and head injuries while playing sports that involve physical contact or moving objects. More than just protecting your teeth, a mouth-guard helps ward off potential injuries to lips, jaw, tongue, cheeks, temporomandibular joint, neck and brain too.

Many sports players detest wearing a mouth-guard simply for not liking their appearance while they have put one on; however, this is no less than backing the wrong horse. A major blow or collision when not wearing a mouth-guard can cause a lasting damage to your ivories making smiling, talking and eating inconvenient forever.

Here are 4 reasons you should wear a mouth-guard while taking part in any recreational activity that could cause injury to your mouth.

1. Protection Against Tooth & Jaw Fractures
Breaking or chipping teeth is pretty much on cards while playing contact sports. A ball hitting your face at full throttle can leave you with a toothless smile forever. A perfectly fitted mouth-guard works as a cushion for your teeth and helps keep tooth fractures at bay. To boot it also saves you from jaw dislodgment and severe neck trauma. 

2. Protection Against Concussions
Mouth-guards help absorb a significant amount of force the head and brain receive during a collision when playing contact sports. It provides a padding between mandible and maxilla that reduces the force pushing the mandible up close to the skull near the brain that brings about a concussion. 

3. No Interference With Breathing or Talking
A custom made mouth-guard does not interfere with normal breathing and talking, another reason wearing a mouth-guard while playing is a good idea. 

4. Performance Enhancement
A custom made mouth-guard not only helps prevent knocked out teeth and broken jaws, but also enhances the performance. A sports-person’s natural reaction while competing is clenching the jaw; this causes your brain to release an excess amount of performance expending hormones such as cortisol, resulting in increased distraction & tiredness. Up to 25% less lactic acid production also helps improve athletic performance. 

A custom made mouth-guard prevents teeth and jaw clenching reducing performance sapping effects. So wear a mouth-guard and go full steam ahead while competing and training.

Custom Made Under Armour Mouth-guards VS Boil & Bite Mouth-guards

A custom made Under Armour mouth-guard offers better protection as compared to boil and bites, since the former is a snug fit. A mouth-guard is vacuum sealed after taking an impression of your mouth which ensures a tight yet comfortable fit of the mouth-guard. A custom Under Armour mouth-guard is made keeping in mind the positive as well as negative pressure of your mouth.

Have Questions About Under Armour Mouth-guards?

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