How to Prevent the Perception of Doctor Doom

How to Prevent the Perception of Doctor Doom

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Many adults are unsure of when to start bringing their children in to the dentist. If the teeth are not bothering the child and he or she has good overall health, parents may not see it necessary at all until a later date.

It is a good precautionary step to bring your child to the dentist when he or she reaches the age of two. Most often, treatment is not needed but these visits allow for the child to become acquainted to the dentist and the dental environment in a calm and friendly way. By introducing your child to the dentist in this manner, your child will establish a stronger more trusting relationship with the dentist and be more at ease with each visit.

If a child has their first dental experience only when they have their first toothache, the pain and unfamiliar surroundings are traumatic and may create fearful and uncomfortable associations with subsequent visits. These negative associations can carry-through until adulthood, causing perceived dreadful visits to the dentist.

Beyond the importance of positive perception development, visits to the dental office at an early age allow for your dentist to take a more preventative approach to dental problems. This too will help minimize the need for emergency and more painful procedures in the future.

Next time you make your appointment with the Signal Hill Dental Centre team, consider bringing your little one along to start building that positive perception.

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