New Years Resolutions Include Bettering Your Dental Health

Calgary Best Dentist 3Do your New Years resolutions include bettering your dental health? They should!

As we enter into every New Year, we often set resolutions to better ourselves in certain ways. Be it a diet or exercise regime, or quitting a bad habit, we place a lot of weight in to the idea that the New Year gives us a point of reference in which to start something new.

Why not consider your dental health in this array of personal betterments? A healthy smile is the perfect accompaniment to go with any New Year’s resolution. Not sure what it is constitutes as a dental resolution? We came up with a few suggestions to add to your list of resolutions in the dental department.

1. Floss every time you brush:

Seriously, it sounds like something that is said time and time again – but it is still a habit many people don’t seem to necessarily adhere to. There are lots of ways to floss – the traditional way, the plastic pics, water pics – so if you have any hesitations in the world of flossing, go and find a method that is most at ease for you. And if you are looking for that extra piece of motivation – find a way to track your flossing so that you can be excited and kept accountable by your progress.

2. Brush twice per day:

Some people are still only brushing their teeth once a day – and well, that just doesn’t cut it. The plaque, bacteria and tartar that builds up over the course of the day is worthy of attention by the evening. The bacteria build up that accumulates at night as you sleep and your saliva doesn’t renew is also necessary of attention when you wake. So moral of the story, brush twice per day. Take it a step further, resolve to replace your toothbrush every 3 months as well, so that you know you are brushing in the best possible way. It might help to mark it in your calendar or set a reminder on your phone.

Calgary Best Dentist 23. Cut back on sugar, smoking, coffee drinking and other bad habits that effect the health of your teeth:

This might be something that goes hand in hand with your other New Year’s resolutions! By cutting back on things that are harmful for your teeth enamel you will have an advantage in the world of dental health. This means less work might be needed when you visit your dentist.

4. Book all of your dental appointments for the year:

We know that it is necessary to get a check-up at least once per year and getting your teeth cleaned is necessary every 6 months. Often our year flies by without the consideration of booking an appointment, and our attention is brought to dental health only when there is an issue. By booking all of your appointments ahead of time, you can spread out the usage of your dental benefits as well, making costs more manageable. Don’t worry about forgetting, we will call to remind you when your appointment date gets close!