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Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Minimally invasive surgery may not be something you hear about often, but it is a concept that dentists practice every day.  


Also known as microdentistry, minimally invasive surgery is meant to conserve healthy tooth structure by adhering to the principal of preventative care.  With a focus on prevention, it works to remineralize teeth with minimal dental intervention. The dentist performs the least amount of work possible, without removing more of the tooth structure than is necessary.    It works to restore the tooth to its healthiest potential using long-lasting materials that conserve the tooth’s original structure. It also means less pain, less drilling and more effective disease prevention.


Your dentist will evaluate the risk of tooth decay based on the presence of bacteria in your mouth, your diet, and the amount of saliva you produce.  If there are already signs of decay, your dentist will map out the diseased areas using a special technology, allowing him/her to zone in specifically on those areas and remove them. After the minimally invasive techniques are complete, your dentist will recommend strategies that will help prevent future decay risk, like using a special mouthwash or changing certain elements of your diet. 


Minimally invasive dentistry techniques include:

  • Remineralization: A technique that will aid in remineralizing areas that have been demineralized due to acid exposure.  Fluoride is an important component in this. 
  • Sealants: Protect the teeth from bacteria and therefore decay.  A plastic resin makes up the sealant which is molded to the tooth giving it a protective coating.  These are easily placed on the tooth and involve no cutting.  
  • Laser-assisted preparation: A dental laser is utilized to remove decay and prepare the tooth for a cavity.  It is more precise than other methods, allowing for optimal tooth preservation.  
  • Inlays and on-lays: Used to restore a tooth while removing the least amount of the original tooth structure as possible.  These can be gold or tooth colour, and while similar to fillings, they are custom made to fit your cavity. On-lay might be used instead in more substantial restorations, considering replacement of the actual tooth cusp to preserve more of the tooth structure.  
  • Bite splints:  A device, typically worn at night, guard against bruxism and tooth grinding.  These issues can cause major damage to your teeth if left unchecked.  
  • Air abrasion: A stream of air combined with a superfine abrasive powder can be used to remove decay in the event that a tooth cannot remineralize.  This treatments is more desirable than using a drill as it is less invasive and does not require a anesthesia.  

All of these minimally invasive dental procedures can be utilized to maximize your dental health with the least work possible!  

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Welcome to Signal Hill Dental Centre, a general dental clinic located in SW Calgary. Our team is dedicated to providing our patients with honest and caring dental treatments so that they are able to achieve and maintain optimal oral and overall health goals.

At our clinic, our team strives to offer our services that make visits to the dentist convenient for you. This includes:

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We offer a range of dental services including general cleaning, emergency dentistry, children dentistry, dental repairs, Invisalign teeth straightening, Botox for TMJ/TMD and more. We offer Swiss technology Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), which comes standard in all hygiene cleaning appointments.

The core of our clinic values is focused around providing great customer service. We treat our patients as if they were a part of our own staff or family. Our knowledgable team constantly ensures continuous communication and education so that our patients are comfortable through each procedure.

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