Resolutions to Keep You Smiling All Through 2016

Calgary Dental Clinic Tips

With a clean slate and start to a fresh new year, there’s no better time to make some personal oral health goals that can keep you smiling all year long!

Here are 3 wise changes you can make to keep your 2016 smile bright and healthy:

  1. Drink More Water

    • Water intake has a number of health benefits, but specifically can be a wise precautionary tool when it comes to your mouth. Drinking more water and rinsing your mouth vigorously after each meal helps to dislodge any remaining residue or bacteria that could be coating your teeth. This in turn helps you avoid the possibility of plaque or tooth decay and bad breath. Make it a point to have more water anytime you eat.
  2. Floss Regularly

    • We know that flossing is an important cleaning technique yet one that most often gets pushes aside and forgotten about. Flossing helps to reach areas that your toothbrush may not be able to target. Make it a conscious goal to floss more regularly, whether that means at least once every few days, once a week, or even once a month. Taking one step closer to regular flossing will reap benefits of a healthier smile.
  3. Schedule Dental Appointments

    • How many times did you see your Dentist in 2015? It it recommended to visit your dental team at least two times a year. Your dentist helps you in many ways, two of which are important for restorative and preventative care. Regular dental visits help to remove plaque or more serious issues that are a concern and cannot be taken care of alone at home, but they also help you to ensure you are taking preventative steps to maintain a healthy mouth moving forward. So, what are you waiting for? Be proactive and plan ahead by booking your next visit right now!

The team at Signal Hill Dental Centre is here to keep you accountable and help you to reach your goals of your best oral health! If you are looking for some more specific tips that are best suited for you and your current health status, please visit our clinic and our team would be happy to assess.