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Sedation dentistry is a medical procedure in which doctors give sedation orally or through syringes to patients, in order to help them relax. This type of sedation does not put patients to sleep, as commonly misunderstood by people. Instead, the patients are conscious throughout the treatment. Are you scared of sedation dentistry? Don’t worry. You don’t have to be. Whatever you have heard about this treatment was probably merely a myth! Here’s a list of common myths that people generally form about sedation dentistry. • Sedation dentistry makes the patient feel sleepy Now here’s the thing. Sedation dentistry is anything but anesthesia. Therefore, you cannot and will not fall asleep because of it. Throughout the treatment, you’ll be fully conscious. This sedation only helps you relax. • Sedation dentistry can be dangerous Anti-anxiety medicines are used during oral sedations. It is absolutely safe for everyone. They have negligible side effects and keep the patient relaxed.