The Future is Here – 3D Teeth Impressions

The Future is Here – 3D Teeth Impressions

Any patient undergoing a range of restorative or cosmetic treatments will, at some point, have an impression made of their teeth.

A detailed and exact copy of your dental imprint is important to shape and mould so that new appliances or enhancements will fit in your mouth perfectly.

The better the fit, the more comfortable the course of treatment should be.

The Traditional Solution

The solution for making teeth impressions – and one that has been used for 70 years and more – was to use a material that can record imprints and impressions. From the late 1930s, it was a plaster cast type material. From the mid-1960s, the impression material was a polyether or mouldable plastic type material which is still in use today.

Taking an impression this way can be messy – trays and filled with thick, elastic plastic material which is then pushed hard onto the teeth. It is left for a short time and then pulled away to reveal a mould of the teeth.

For patients, this is an uncomfortable and dreaded process. The plastic became moulded so snugly to the teeth that when it was pulled away, people often felt as if their teeth were being pulled out too!

Some patients found it difficult to breathe, their mouth full of plastic and other apparatus, an experience that was incredibly uncomfortable and not a part of the procedure that patients were in a rush to repeat.

The ‘New’ Technology

A new technology began to be developed in the 1980s. The use of digital technology and 3D scanning will, say many dental experts, lead to the complete demise of plastics and casts completely.

At Signal Hill Dental Centre, we use the iTero 3D scanning system to produce an accurate impression of your teeth. There are many benefits to you and for the dental team:

#1 Eliminates an invasive procedure

For many patients, having an impression made using casts, plastic and trays in the mouth is invasive and difficult for them to deal with.

For our dental team, using the scanner means that we can make better impressions of our patients’ teeth, without the mess!

#2 Superior accuracy

Because it is painless and because there is less clutter and discomfort in the mouth, we get a better impression of your teeth. Patients are less likely to move or jump as can be the case with traditional moulding materials.

#3 Onscreen visualisation

Not only do we get an accurate impression of your teeth, we can also show you the results you can expect too, all on screen!

#4 Increases your comfort

No goop. No gagging. No unpleasantness.

The wand is not inserted deep into the mouth but simply follows the contours and line of your teeth. There is no pain and no discomfort.

It is quick and simple, ideal for all patients but especially those with a fear or phobia of dentists and dental procedures.

#5 Faster turnaround time

Overall, this 3D scanning system shortens overall treatment times as it eliminates time-consuming moulds etc. Appointments also take less time.

And spending less time in ‘the chair’ is a welcome benefit to most patients!

If you’ve been holding back from certain procedures due to the previously needed moulding process, now there is no need to fear the discomfort!