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Oral Care and Effects of Smoking

Tobacco can harm your mouth, teeth and gums in so many ways.  Tobacco cannot be consumed safely, and users are at risk of tooth discolouration, gum disease, throat, lung and oral cancer, and even death.  If you are unaware of the risks, or need to quit, be sure to discuss the effects of tobacco with your dentist or physician.  


When you smoke, blood flow is reduced to the gums, cutting off the delivery of important nutrients like vitamin C.  As a result, you can develop gum disease, and experience bone and tooth loss. Smoking triggers an accumulation of plaque bacteria and reduces the saliva flow to the mouth.  Saliva is necessary for cleaning the mouth and guarding against tooth decay. Furthermore, the temperature of your mouth increases when you smoke, killing important cells.  

Nicotine and tar, major cigarette ingredients, discolour the teeth creating brown and yellow stains as the tar adheres to crevices.  The roof of the mouth becomes inflamed and turns red, and you lose your sense of smell and taste and will exhibit bad breath.  


Tobacco has negative effects even if it is not smoked.  Snuff, dip and chew eat away at the gums and increase the chances for gum disease.  This exponentially increases the chances for gum disease and oral cancer. The area of your mouth where you place the chewing tobacco is 50 times more likely to be the site of an oral cancer.  


Cigars are not a safe alternative as they still contain toxic and carcinogenic compounds.  Even though you might not inhale the smoke, there is still high risk for issues in the mouth and cancers of the mouth, esophagus and lungs.  


Oral cancers can develop at any time.  If you experience irritation, like a sore that won’t heal, tenderness and burning, it is necessary to have a doctor or dentist check it out.  Tell your doctor or dentist if you have any tenderness or pain or numbness in your mouth or lips. Any abnormalities like bumpiness or lumps can be a sign of mouth cancer, same with discolouration of any of the oral tissues.  


The best way to stop the negative effects of tobacco is to quit using them.  This might be a challenge, because many additives in tobacco are addictive, but there are ways to stop.  Discuss with your doctor or dentist about a plan of action.  

Once steps towards quitting have been made, focus on a proper oral hygiene plan.  Visit your dentist for scaling and polishing to remove the stains.    

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