Cosmetic Dentistry for Adults: Invisalign – The Braces Alternative

Cosmetic Dentistry for Adults: Invisalign – The Braces Alternative

Do you smile with confidence?

If you are unhappy about your crooked teeth, smiling becomes less of an option.

We assume that, as adults, many of the treatments for correcting crooked teeth and other procedures are cosmetic and somehow frivolous.

We also assume that they will cost a heap of money that you simply may not have.

Invisalign could be the answer to straightening your teeth.

As an adult, however, you don’t want your mouth bulging with metal. After all, it doesn’t quite give the impression you want.

Technology and Braces Have Changed

Technology has meant changes in terms of cosmetic dentistry, including the use of braces for adults.

The feeling of a ‘mouth full of metal’ is no more with superior products such as Invisalign, a clear braces-alternative for adults and teens.

Barely noticeable and less bulky than traditional metal braces, it is no wonder that they are fast becoming the favored option for many patients.

Invisalign will need time and regular check-ups with your dentist to create the perfect smile. But there is no doubt, that investing time and money in your smile is well worth it.

#1 Every Smile Is Important

When you smile, you make a difference to how you feel and to how the other person feels. Every smile is important.

But when you have issues with your teeth, the fear of smiling is no joke. There are also other issues with misaligned teeth;

  • Jaw pain – some patients suffer jaw pain for years because their teeth cause the jaw to rest in an unnatural position.
  • Difficulty with oral health routine – crooked teeth can make keeping them clean very difficult, even with the use of an electric toothbrush, flossing and a great daily routine.
  • Self-conscious – when you feel your teeth aren’t great, it can make you self-conscious, lowering your self-esteem.
#2 Teeth Move at Any Age

Braces have always been traditional associated with teenage years because it was the opportune time to deal with teeth in awkward positions.

However, as we age, our teeth shift. This may be due to injury or a health condition. But teeth also ‘just move’ so whereas you once had a perfect straight smile, you now have a crooked and overcrowded one.

You may have had braces as a child but may find you need them again. This may be because you neglected your retainer as little too much. Modern dentists suggest that post-braces, retainers are used for a lot longer than they once were. Some people need to wear a retainer for life.

#3 Invisalign Can Prevent More Serious Problems

Although some people define Invisalign as ‘cosmetic’, creating a straight line of teeth is important and not just for self-esteem reasons.

Misaligned teeth or a cross bite can result in an increased plaque and food build-up. This can lead to gum disease, another problem to add to your dental woes.

By straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you could possibly avoid tooth decay, gum and bone loss, as well as irregular wear of tooth enamel. For many people, Invisalign correcting their teeth also means waving goodbye to chronic facial discomfort.

#4 Invisalign Can Prevent Other Health Issues Too

There are other health concerns that you may face with misaligned teeth but perhaps have connected them with your teeth;

  • Headaches and earaches – if you suffer from regular headaches and/or earaches but your doctor has no explanation, it is wise to have the bite of your teeth checked. And overbite, jaw issues, crooked teeth etc. can be the cause of headaches and earache.
  • Problems chewing – as well as a confident smile, our teeth have an important function of ripping and tearing the food we eat into small enough chunks to swallow and digest. Misaligned teeth are not the most proficient at this, and this may mean you are swallowing larger chunks of food. If you are suffering from gastrointestinal issues, have your teeth checked as they may be part of the problem.
  • Biting the inside of your cheeks etc. – this again may be because your bite is misaligned. Teeth rubbing and cutting the inside of your mouth is painful and difficult to manage.
#5 Modern Braces Alternatives Are Better and Less Conspicuous

As a teenager, you probably hated every minute of wearing your brace if you had one but, the result was stunning.

Braces alternative solutions such as Invisalign are clear, less bulky and less noticeable, using strong plastics and minimal metal to create a strong mould that slowly moves your teeth into a better position. They are less painful, and with few food restrictions you really can carry on as normal with Invisalign.

If you have any questions or would like to explore Invisalign further, talk to our team at Signal Hill Dental Centre.