Understanding More Severe Dental Issues That Affect Teeth and Their Alignment

Adult teeth are known as permanent teeth because they are meant to last us the rest of our lives. However, millions of people suffer from several conditions that cause loose and shifting teeth which can have a huge impact on their overall quality of life. Here are some severe dental issues that affect teeth and their alignment:

  • Periodontal Disease – also known as gum disease, this is the most common dental aliment seen in adults and is caused by improper dental hygiene and the buildup of harmful bacteria. In advanced cases, the infection caused by the disease gets into the gums and roots of the teeth and leads to damage to the gums and jaw. Severe infections can lead to tooth loss, can cause teeth to become loose or shift in the gums, and severe infections can spread to other areas of the body and damage organs!
  • Oral Cancer – cancer is always a terrifying word to hear or think about, and oral cancer is one of the lesser known forms of cancer. Despite this is surprisingly common with thousands of cases discovered all the time. Oral cancer is any cancer that affects the lips, mouth, cheeks, tongue, and throat and unlike other cancers, most of the risk factors leading to oral cancer can be avoided by proper dental care and avoiding tobacco and alcohol. This cancer can lead to mouth sores, tooth loss, bone loss, loose and shifting teeth, and unfortunately death.
  • Uneven Teeth – we want to have healthy teeth because our teeth perform several important functions. They allow us to bite and chew food so we can eat and they allow us to talk and communicate easily. Teeth that are uneven or crooked make it hard to bit properly and tongue position can also affect our speaking abilities. Uneven teeth are often caused by shifting that push or pull out of proper alignment. This is common in adults who have not taken good care of their teeth and who have not followed dental instructions.
  • Broken Teeth – even if there is no pain, a broken tooth basically is the same as any wound beneath the skin. A broken tooth exposes nerves and internal tissue to elements and to harmful toxins. It also provides an easy way for bacteria to get in and infections to develop. If the infection gets too bad it often leads to tooth death and loss or at the very least a damaged tooth that can shift around and become misaligned in the mouth. Teeth that are infected can spread that infection to other teeth thus making them weak, loose, or damaged too!
  • Missing Teeth – more than half of the population will have at least one missing tooth in their adult lives and by the age of 65, the American Dental Association estimates that nearly three quarters of the population will have multiple missing teeth or will have lost all of their teeth for one reason or another. When you have one ore more missing teeth you will often experience a shifting of the existing teeth because there is no support from the neighboring teeth to keep them in place. This is why it is so important to protect your teeth daily.

If you or a loved one have been suffering with the dental problems commonly associated with shifting and loose teeth now is the time to act. Whether you are suffering from severe gum disease or infections, missing or crooked teeth, or a combination of major dental problems, call us today to get the help that you need!