The Benefits of a Custom Mouth Guard

custom mouth guard calgaryAccidents happen, especially when playing sports. Anything from a stray ball to contact with other players can end in injury to the mouth and teeth.

Adults and children should protect their teeth with a mouth guard when playing sports for one reason: it absorbs the shock of an impact, reducing the risk of damage to your teeth and jaw.

However, not all mouth guards are equal. A custom fitted mouth guard is the best option and here are seven reasons why a custom mouth guard beats an off-the-shelf product every time;

#1 Every Mouth is Different

Not all mouths are the same. Teeth are different sizes, shapes, position and lengths.  Although you may think that the ‘heat and mould’ mouth guards you can buy off-the-shelf do the job perfectly well, there may be parts of your mouth that are not as protected as they should be.

A poorly fitting mouth guard can also do more damage than good too.

#2 Cheaper than Dental Reconstruction

We often hear the argument that custom fitted mouth guards are more expensive than off-the-self ones and, as they are easy to lose or leave behind in changing rooms etc., you decide to opt for the cheaper alternative.

The bigger picture is much different. Dental reconstruction is very expensive and yet could be avoided. Otherwise the possibility of lasting, permanent damage decreased, with a custom fitted mouth guard protecting your teeth and jaw.

#3 Last Longer

Custom mouth guards also last longer and that is because they are made from two strong layers of a vinyl material. They ensure a snug fit but also last longer. Great news if you play and train on a regular basis.

#4 Breathe Easy

It can be a strange sensation when you first play a sport wearing a mouth guard especially when you start to run short of breath. An ill-fitting mouth guard can be a nuisance, rubbing on your gums and because it is a loose fit, can make drawing in breath increasingly difficult too.

#5 Custom Style Too

Many patients like to have a custom-fitting mouth guard in their team colours. As well as block colours, some sports people also design their own to give them a complete custom look. This is great for recognising your mouth guard, as well as adding a hint of style to your game too.

#6 Stability

A custom guard is created using an exact 3D scan of your teeth. When you wear it, it will fit snugly in your mouth. This means it doesn’t move or rub your gum line as you play sport. It also means that should you take a direct hit in the mouth, you know your mouth guard is where it needs to be.

#7 Correct Fit = Correct Protection

The whole point of wearing a mouth guard is to protect your teeth, minimising the damage done to your mouth should play get rough.

Although it has been hinted at all the way through this article, it is worth talking in detail about the importance of the correct fit of mouth guards.

Without the correct fit, you don’t have the correct protection. The more comfortable and stable the guard in your mouth, the better the level of shock absorption should you take a knock to your mouth or face.

Proper fit also means maximum comfort and that means a higher level of tolerance in wearing a mouth guard.

Superior in Every Way

A custom fit mouth guard is superior in every way over a shop-bought, heat and mould example. It may be more expensive but think of it as an investment in being your first line of defence in reducing the risk of injury.

A mouth guard that absorbs impact and shock could prevent damage to teeth and jaw fractures, as well as concussion or brain damage.

Why take a chance when for the sake of a few dollars, you could have a custom fitted mouth guard? If you have any questions, please contact our Signal Hill Dental Centre Team.