Dry Mouth- Causes, Effects & Treatment

Dry Mouth- Causes, Effects & Treatment

Dry mouth, also referred to as xerostomia is mainly alleviation of saliva production. Since, it’s an intrinsic problem and not a disease, managing underlying causes can help one get rid of dry mouth. Hence, spotting the causes that trigger dry mouth syndrome is of utmost importance.

Symptoms of dry mouth:
– Dry and fissured lips
– Dry and rough tongue
– Problems with chewing dry food
– Altered sense of taste
– Thick saliva
– Increased plaque & tooth decay
– Burning sensation in the mouth
– Mouth sores

Causes of dry mouth:
As mentioned earlier, reduction in saliva production causes dry mouth. Here’re few reasons why salivary glands might not work the way they should 

(a) Side Effects Of Medication:
There are over 400 common medications associated with dry mouth inclusive of
– Antihistamines
– Antidepressants

(b) Systematic Disease:
Dry mouth can also be caused due to numerous systematic diseases. Sjogren’s syndrome- an autoimmune inflammatory disease is one of them.

Besides, diabetes and severe head or neck injury can also cause dry mouth. Understandably, dry mouth should not be overlooked as it could lead to severe health problems in the long run. Not to say that if you have a dry mouth, it is due to some serious health problem. Your diet in general, intake of liquids and bad oral habits can also lead to dry mouth problem.

Your General Diet & Dry Mouth:
Your diet can have a considerable impact on saliva production, hence you must keep in mind the following points to ward off dry mouth problem. Sugar free candies, food sweetened with xylitol and lemon drops can help stimulate saliva.
– Increase the intake of water. You can sip water during meals.
– Stay away from boozing, tobacco and drinks with caffeine such as tea, coffee and sodas
– Avoid sugary foods
– Brush your teeth twice daily

Why You Should Consult Your Dentist For Dry Mouth?
Since, dry mouth treatment largely depends on the cause, you must immediately visit a dentist to find out what’s causing you dry mouth problem. If you’re suffering of dry mouth due to a certain medicine, your doctor will either adjust the dosage or suggest medicine change.

In cases where salivary glands are not working perfectly fine, but are still able to produce saliva to an extent, your dentist might suggest a medicine that helps your glands produce more saliva.

Should you have any more questions about dry mouth or you require detailed consultation, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer your queries.