How to Soothe Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are painful and can affect your daily life. Breathing in cold air can be incredibly painful and if you find yourself avoiding certain foodstuffs and drinks, you need to take action.

#1 Use a Sensitive Toothpaste
Signal Hill Dental Centre - Calgary's SW Dental Clinic

Signal Hill Dental Centre – Calgary’s SW Dental Clinic

There are many branded toothpastes that can help numb the pain of sensitive teeth. Teeth become sensitive when the dentin is exposed. This happens when the protective enamel layer has worn away, leaving microscopic holes exposed.
Sensitive toothpastes work by blocking these holes. But stop using the toothpaste and the pain of sensitive teeth will return, so make it part of your twice-daily brushing routine.

#2 Change the Way You Brush

You may think that giving your teeth a vigorous scrub with your toothbrush twice a day is keeping your teeth squeaky clean but you could be overdoing it.
Hard brushing can wear away the enamel. Check how you brush your teeth – are you brushing or scrubbing? Consider using an electric toothbrush as well as manually brushing your teeth.Signal Hill Dental Centre – Calgary’s SW Dental Clinic

#3 Avoid Acidic Food and Drink

We know that what we eat and drink affects our teeth but for people with sensitive teeth, acidic juices and wine, as well as pickles and other acidic foods can attack the enamel layer of our teeth, making the sensitivity worse.
But they are drinks and foods that are hard to avoid. As well as limiting your intake, you can drink water to help remove residue from your teeth or, if you can, ‘swish’ water around your mouth. Even if you don’t have sensitive teeth, it is still a good regime to follow so that tooth enamel is protected.

#4 Painted-on Protection

For patients with extensive tooth sensitivity, life can be a real pain. As well as using a sensitive toothpaste, there are options you can explore with your dentist.
There are treatments that act as a barrier agent. For example, a fluoride varnish or a plastic resin tooth coating in some cases, can be applied to sensitive teeth, blocking the holes and preventing pain.
Over time, these barrier treatments wear off. They can last several months and in most cases, can be reapplied if they have helped.

#5 Deal with Teeth Grinding

As well as acidic foods stripping away the enamel, grinding your teeth can also lead to sensitive teeth as it too slowly chips away at the protective coating on teeth.
You may not even realise you do it! For example, unless someone observes you grinding your teeth during sleep, you may be wondering why you suffer frequent headaches or unexplained jaw pain.
Have a chat with your dentist who can help. Mouthguards protect teeth from nighttime grinding, as can changing your sleeping position. If you become aware of grinding your teeth during the day, take a moment to relax your jaw and mouth, keeping your teeth slightly apart to protect them.
Your dentist can help with the pain of sensitive teeth. Why not make an appointment today?