What Is Invisalign – How Does It Work and is it For Me?

The highly innovative Invisalign teeth straightening system is revolutionizing how teeth are straightened and it is already responsible for creating millions of brand new smiles for as many happy patients. Unlike the traditional method of teeth aliment that requires the intervention of an orthodontist and the use of unsightly wire braces, the Invisalign method is virtually invisible.

Utilizing the latest technologies

Signal Hill Dental Centre is able to offer the Invisalign treatment plan and offer the advantage of the very latest technology including 3D computer imaging of the patient’s teeth and 3D printing of the special aligners. This ensures that straightening happens faster and that it is also more accurate. The almost invisible aligners are more comfortable than braces and can be removed while eating or when carrying out yournormal oral hygiene routine.

How does Invisalign work?

One of the biggest benefits of the Invisalign system is that it only moves the teeth that your dentist has targeted. It does this bycontrolling both the amount of movement and more importantly, the timing of each movement phase. This is done using a series of aligners that are replaced about every 14 days dependent upon the needs of each individual patient. This leads to greater accuracy and also reduces the time it takes to obtain the desired results.

Utilizing controlled and forward planning

Thanks to the modern technology used by the Invisalign system, patients are able to see a computer-generatedpreview of how the finished results are likely to look. Figures of around 75% more accuracy than that offered by traditional braces have been regularly.

What are the aligners like?

The materials used in the creation of the Invisalign retainers have been developed over time and they are currently formed from a clear thermoplastic used in for a variety of medical purposes. This has proven to be both strong and comfortable in use especially as each aligner is custom made for a perfect fit over the individual patient’s teeth.

Cleaning and appearance

One of the biggest advantages that the Invisalign system has over conventional braces is that the retainers can be removed for eating and during your normal oral hygiene routine. The clear material used in the manufacture of Invisalign also has the added benefit of rendering them virtually invisible to the naked eye doing away with the need for unsightly braces.

The projected timescales for the Invisalign treatment

Because the Invisalign system moves the teeth through a series of controlled and carefully planned movements, the timescale for the treatment is likely to be on a par with conventional brace treatments. A consultation with one of our dental practitioners will provide an accurate estimate of both the time and cost of the treatment.

Is the Invisalign System right for you?

With millions of smiles already having been created using the Invisalign system, it is idealfor a wide range of cosmetic dentistry uses. Many patients who have benefited from the treatment have asked themselves why they didn’t choose it sooner and their satisfaction levels are very high.

An initial consultation with our dental team can help to establish your suitability for this innovative and none invasive treatment.

If you want to know more about how the Invisalign System could benefit your smile you should contact one of the highly experienced and caring dentists at Signal Hill Dental Centre right now!