Making a Great First Impression

Root Canal Calgary Dentist

We are excited to announce that we’ve introduced a really exciting new piece of equipment to the clinic! It’s no secret that some of our patients dread getting impressions taken of their teeth. We now have a 3D scanner for procedures like bridges, crowns, invisalign, etc. That means, no more goop or gag reflexes.

Before the 3D scanner, the process of getting impressions taken was extensive, and at times, uncomfortable. The old process required large trays, and distasteful putty. Even after the impressions were taken, pieces of putty often remained in the patient’s mouth.

The new 3D scanner eliminates much of the discomfort of the process. There is no need for putty, so the patient can breathe and swallow as normal. There is also no unpleasant taste or smell. The new process is fast as dentists are able to see 3D scans of patients mouths on screen immediately. This means, that patients can potentially receive treatment, or their Invisalign plans, sooner. In addition, the 3D scanner is accurate as it allows for a precise fit of crowns, bridges, implants and Invisalign clear aligners and retainers. It also eliminates the need to retake impressions.

With this new piece of technology, we ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible. To learn more about the 3D scanner, watch this short clip here