Sleep Apnea – Did You Know?

Sleep Apnea – Did You Know?

Calgary Sleep Apnea
According to the National Sleep Foundation, within the past two decades there has been a shocking increase of individuals with sleep apnea, with near to 18 million Americans struggling today.

Why is sleep apnea a concern? Sleep apnea is when individuals have trouble breathing, and often do not get enough oxygen during their sleep which disrupts their sleep cycle. When this occurs, naturally the body will wake itself throughout the night which leaves you waking up tired with less then optimal energy levels.

What are some common misconceptions about sleep apnea?

1. Snoring is harmless

FALSE. Snoring can be much more than just an annoying behaviour from either yourself or your sleep partner. Loud and intrusive snoring patterns are often a red flag to get checked if sleep apnea could be a concern. Most people just brush off snoring as a humorous and annoying behaviour, but it could be the tip of an iceberg for a larger issue below the surface.

2. Sleep Apnea only happens to people who are overweight

FALSE. This is a common misconception that only those who have weight concerns can be effected by sleep apnea. Many people often believe that a heavier tongue or throat muscles result in snoring or reduced airway space during their sleep. Although people who are overweight do face a higher risk, sleep apnea is a concern that could affect many no matter your weight.

3. It can run in the family

TRUE. Physical conditions that are prone to sleep apnea can be hereditary. For example, a large overbite, large tonsils, or a recessed chin can influence the outcome of an individuals sleep pattern. Knowing if sleep apnea is a concern for yourself will help you to become more aware with signs that sleep apnea may be a concern for your children as well. Catching it at an early stage will help you to correct the issue more easily for the long run.

4. Sleep Apnea can only be corrected with a CPAP machine

FALSE. There are alternative solutions to help assist those who struggle with sleep apnea. At Signal Hill Dental Centre, we offer a non-intrusive oral appliance that can assist those with sleep apnea, and help them achieve a more restful sleep. Working with a professional dental team, we can produce a custom made appliance that is comfortable and easy to wear, and will aid in correcting your jaw positioning to allow steady airflow during your sleep.

If you have any questions or concerns about sleep apnea or thing that you may struggle from some of the symptoms, feel free to contact our team for a consultation.