Spring Cleaning – Includes Your Oral Health Too!

calgary dentist swWhen the snow melts and we experience that first glimpse of sunshine and warmth, the desire to throw open the windows and climb out from hibernation becomes apparent. We change over the clothes in our closets, we start thinking about the seeds we will plant in our gardens, and we begin to scrub our homes from the winter blanket of dust. Spring is in the air.

What better way to enter the nicest times in Calgary than with a healthy glowing smile. Following the rhythms of the seasons are beneficial and deliver their own intuitive motivations to get going. We associate spring with cleaning, so why not extend that excitement to getting your teeth cleaned?

For many people, teeth cleaning is an afterthought. You might wait until something is wrong with your teeth to book a cleaning, consolidating visits with dental check ups. The truth (tooth) is, a teeth cleaning should be booked at least every 6 months. Make it easy on yourself, and determine easy time frames in which to do this in. Spring is a great marker on the calendar for exactly this purpose.

Getting your teeth cleaned is pertinent to achieving good dental health. It prevents the buildup of plaque over time and stimulates the gums to keep them healthy. We also give you the option to compliment your cleaning with a fluoride treatment, which as you learned in our last blog post, is extremely beneficial to maintaining healthy enamel and combating cavities.

A teeth cleaning is also beneficial to your overall body health. There is a strong connection between cardiovascular disease and gum disease. Because cleaning wards off gum disease, you give your body a better chance of avoiding cardiovascular issues. Furthermore, oral cancers are better treated if detected at their earliest stages. By having a trained professional looking around in your mouth every six months, the chances of catching such issues at their earlier stages are greater.

Teeth cleaning also just makes your teeth look nice. From an aesthetic perspective, regular dental work removes stains and discolouration leading to a whiter smile. If you are really keen to show off your pearly whites during the coming summer months, we can book you in for a teeth whitening treatment at the time of your cleaning, making sure that you are always putting your best smile forward during sunny days!

Do we have you thinking yet? Call us to book an appointment! We would love to help you spring into summer with a super health shiny white smile!