Considerations when choosing teeth straightening procedures

Few things convey the image of beauty, attractiveness, and confidence like a full set of beautiful, straight, and picture-perfect teeth. This is why people are spending millions of dollars every year in this country to get as close to perfect straight teeth as they can, While these teeth straightening procedures are successful and continuing to grow in popularity, it is important to take a moment to do your research and consider the full picture and any potential risks to these kinds of dental procedures. Here are some important things to keep in mind if you are considering teeth straightening procedures that might work for you:

More Than Just Shape Shifting
  • Teeth straightening procedures are much more involved than people think. They are akin to moving bones in your body. While straightening teeth may seem like a simple procedure that is done simply for cosmetic, it is actually a very deeply rooted (pun intended) process that should not be undertaken without careful foresight.
Education & EXPERIENCE
  • There is a reason why dentists and orthodontist need to be licensed and properly trained in order to do dental reconstruction and similar procedures. Their education and training on these procedures allows them to successfully plan how to move teeth without creating a host of other, even more serious, dental issues because of poor planning or decisions.
Do it Once, and Do it Right
  • Setting a broken bone is a delicate process and the time it takes for a bone to heal and set in its new position takes time. The process of moving your teeth is also a delicate undertaking and should be a slow and careful process. Just as a broken arm or leg that heals incorrectly cannot be easily fixed, teeth that are incorrectly moved may not be adjustable.
More Than Just Looks
  • Dentists help to review patient cases to ensure everything is progressing as it should and there are no unforeseen issues arising as a result of the teeth straightening process. They are also checking to make sure that the work is being done not just for cosmetics and straight teeth, but that they are also being done in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • Think about straightening teeth the same way you would think about adding onto your home. If the foundation and existing structure are not sound and properly set up, then anything you add to it will also be off. A dentist will help you to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and strong before investing time and money into making cosmetic shifts.

Signal Hill Dental Centre is a preferred Invisalign provider. Each patient is given proper care and guidance based on their own individual case, therefore allowing us to offer straightening options from a range of $1999 to $3499. For more information specifically on our Invisalign treatment plans, click here.

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