Need to Know- Teeth Whitening Tips

There are countless people today who seek out professional help with their teeth, and one of the most common services is teeth whitening. With individuals wanting whiter, brighter teeth – there is no real harm in the process when it is done correctly and under the supervision and guidance of a dental expert. Just be sure that you know what you are getting into before you get too deep into the whitening process. Here are some important teeth whitening tips you should keep in mind:

  • Check the color of your teeth. Yellow stains and discolorations are often caused by the foods and drinks people consume day in and day out- these stains can be treated to some degree with whitening treatments. If your teeth look grey in color rather than yellow then odds are that the staining is from within and cannot be treated with standard whitening steps. People with fair skin also tend to have thin enamel on their teeth and are more likely to have this issue. It is important to keep your expectations in mind and realistic because asking too much from your whitening treatments will set yourself up for disappointment. So know how white your teeth can be in your given situation and don’t try and go overboard – that is when you start getting into an area where you may start to damage your teeth and gums in the process, so it’s best to start with whitening treatments from your dentist only!
  • Eat right and avoid certain foods and drinks. It is important to remember that if you smoke, drink, or consume staining foods regularly you may just end up reversing the whitening affects you work so hard to get! Black coffee, strong tea, and red wine should always be quickly followed with a sip of water to rinse the teeth. Don’t wait until you are completely done with the drink- follow every sip with some water. It takes as little as 30 seconds for the pigments to begin seeping into your teeth and begin the staining process. Drinking a few mouthfuls of water can wash it out of the pores of your teeth before it can cause any major discoloring and will also help keep plaque under control by washing away sugar and keeping the gums around the teeth clean. If your teeth are already stained, you can purchase whitening pens from our clinic that you can use at home to lighten stains and whiten your teeth.
  • DIY store-bought whitening kits are available for whitening at home. However, they are not usually recommended as they are not custom to you and therefore making it easy to potentially damage your teeth in the process. Many of the ingredients used in home whitening kits can be harsh and can actually damage your teeth and gums if not use correctly. Peroxide, charcoal, and other at home whitening tricks can give you temporary results but will damage your teeth and make you more prone to staining and other dental problems down the road. Teeth whitening is not something you should try to do at home without dental consult unless it is something mild like whitening toothpaste or mouthwash. If you are looking for an at-home alternative, take-home kits from your dentist are available and more highly recommended. They are catered more specifically for you, safer, and in the long run likely to be most effective.
  • Do your part to get the best possible results. It is important that you prepare your teeth accordingly before you begin whitening. Your teeth surfaces need to be clean so starting a whitening treatment after a cleaning by the dentist is most ideal. This is so the whitening products can come into direct contact with your teeth themselves rather than the plaque and film that may be on top of the teeth. To maintain and lengthen the your new whiter smile, you will also need to follow good oral care and hygiene practices following your treatment. Regular brushing, flossing and light mouthwashes will give you the best results as well as limiting the intake of staining foods and drinks.

Having confidence in how you look gives you confidence in how you feel, and having whiter teeth is a simple way to give yourself that boost. This is why so many people try to whiten their teeth and seek out ways to brighten their smile. It might seem like a lot of effort to invest in whitening your teeth, but it’s really just a matter of taking care of your teeth, learning how to get rid of stains, and preventing new ones from forming. Remember, you deserve a bright smile too, so talk to your dental team at Signal Hill Dental Centre today to find the teeth whitening solutions that work best for you!