Harder Bristles Aren’t Necessarily Better

Harder Bristles Aren’t Necessarily Better

When hunting down the aisles at the drug store for the perfect toothbrush, it can certainly be overwhelming with all the different choices and options.

What are a few factors that you will want to consider?

Manual versus Electric

There is no rule of thumb that one is better than the other. The effectiveness of both the manual and electric toothbrush really comes down to the comfort and preference level of the user. Although an electric brush functions at an increased speed with bristle spins per minute, some users may feel that they can manoeuvre a manual brush equally as effectively.

However, people who may have difficulties using a manual brush such as those with injuries or arthritis may find an electric toothbrush to be a more comfortable solution and could consider switching.

Bigger isn’t always better

Choose a brush head that fits your mouth. Everyone’s mouth is a different size, so toothbrush shapes will suit some mouths better than others. Make sure that your toothbrush bristles comfortably reach your backmost molars, as some brushes may be too large or wide.

Choose soft bristles

Many people think that a harder scrub with harder bristles is better for clean teeth. However, a soft bristle is actually what you should be getting. Soft bristles are all you need to maintain clean teeth, and they don’t harm your gums. Brushing too hard can cause receding gums and can hard your enamel leading to teeth sensitivity.

Hopefully these tips will help you navigate through the plentiful aisles at the drug store and lead you to your perfect brush.

If you want some specific recommendations when choosing your toothbrush, feel free to consult with our team at Signal Hill Dental Centre.