Why Having a Proper Fitted Sports Mouth Guard is Important

calgary-sw-dentist-sports-mouth-guardEach year millions of teeth are knocked out during contact sports games. This painful (and preventable) occurrence is avoidable simply by taking measures to protect the teeth and mouth before hitting the field, court or ice. But what are your options when it comes to dental protection, and why is having a proper fitted mouth guard so important?

Why wear mouth guards at all?

Mouth guards prevent dental injuries, it’s as simple as that. Through this seemingly simple plastic device that is fitted into the mouth, large numbers of oral traumas and injuries are prevented each year. The number of preventable injuries is so large in fact, that dentists recommend a properly fitted mouth guard to be used for all contact and collision sports, and in many cases it is a mandatory item required by all players.

Protect from potential injuries

Numerous serious injuries can, and frequently do, occur from not using a mouth guard. Some of these injuries include fractured jaws, cheek and lip injuries, broken teeth, fractured crowns, root damage and even concussions. All of these are serious, expensive and painful problems that can be simply prevented through the use of a mouth guard.

Different types of mouth guards

All mouth guards were not created equal – and as with any sporting equipment or protective gear, mouth guards come in a wide selection ranging from the cheap-and-basic through to more advanced, customized options. Most mouth guard options fall into one of two categories, either the straight forward boil-and-bite option, or custom fit varieties.

Problems with boil-and-bite

The initial cost factor of generic boil-and-bite mouth guards might initially appeal to those on a budget, however the potential problems of these throw-away protective tools generally outweigh their budget friendly benefits. Many athletes discard and dislike these lumps of rubber, finding them uncomfortable, unattractive and difficult to breathe and speak through, not to mention their ultra-short life spans. Beyond that, if your boil-and-bite guard is initially create with a poor or improper jaw position, this could harm and reinforce a poor bite every time you pop in the mal-fitted mouth guard.

The case for a custom fit

Custom mouth guards are the preferred choice for most sports players and athletes as well as being the recommendation given by dental professionals. Custom fit mouth guards provide a more comfortable option with a considerably longer lifespan than boil-and-bite varieties, even catering to players who wear braces. It’s not just comfort that is enhanced with a custom fit, athletes are able to take in more oxygen through mouth guards that are designed specifically with oxygen flow in mind, allowing sports players more access to one of their most important resources – air!

Putting safety first

Professional and amateur athletes and sports players alike should take their protection seriously. Just like any other piece of protective equipment, it is worth investing in high quality equipment that is tailor made to fit the unique needs and shape of the player who will be using it. Although the cheaper boil-and-bite models may look appealing initially, it is definitely worth your comfort and dental safety to invest in a proper fitted sports mouth guard.

Signal Hill Dental Centre offers quality and custom fitted devices with Under Armour Performance mouth guards. If you are interested to learn more about the process, costs, or benefits of these protective pieces, book a consultation appointment with us today.