Reasons for Dental Fears In Children and Adults and How a Caring Dentist Can Allay Them

Humans by their very nature are often taken to form a variety of often irrational fears and phobias around some of the most surprising and obscure things. What is less surprising is that a large number of children and even adults have a fear of visiting the dentist. The most common underlying reasons for their fears are a poor dental experience in the past or more particularly in the case of children, they may have inadvertently picked up on the negative views of their parents or peers.

Setting off on the right foot

In the case of very young children, it is highly important to portray a visit to the dentist as an everyday occurrence and not to dramatize it or build it up unless they ask questions. Overemphasizing that it is all going to be OK and dwelling on an upcoming visit will only encourage them to focus on the event and in doing so they are likely to pick up on your own apprehension. Taking toddlers to the dental clinic when you receive your own treatment is also a great way to familiarize them with the place and the team who work there.

Finding a dentist that has experience with nervous patients

Finding a dentist who is skilled in dealing with nervous adult patients can often make a huge difference for many who would otherwise avoid going to the dentist like the plague. For some patients, the fear of going to the dentists can be so strong that they will only put themselves through what for them can be a terrifying ordeal when the pain becomes too much to bear. A skilled and sensitive dentist understands all this and appreciates just how nervous some patients can be. The really good news is that many patients who have signed up to such dental services for regular and on-going treatments can over time overcome their fears.

Overcoming previous bad dental experiences

It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all dentists are created equal and not everyone is able to provide the best care in terms of nervous and fearful patients. This is probably one of the leading causes of dental fear and one that many dentists and their clients have to work hardest to overcome. The underlying cause of many such fears is connected with pain, either in terms of actually experiencing it or the imagined risk of doing so. Appointments for such patients may need to be longer and treatments during the early stages might need to be carried out in several short stages while the patient and their dentist build up a relationship of trust.

Taking it slowly

Apart from emergency treatments and dealing with dental pain, a dentist that is skilled in dealing with nervous patients of all ages will be fully aware that his or her top priority is to build the all-important relationship of trust. Feeling unhurried and having the ability to be in control of the pace of the treatment is a major step in instilling the confidence that such patients most surely need.
Simply getting someone into the treatment chair can often be the biggest part of the task and a caring dentist will fully appreciate this. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this is through doing nothing more than carry out a gentle oral examination and discuss treatment options as a distant event during the first few appointments whilst confidence and trust are being built.

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